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SweetKenny In Your Face

by SweetKenny

Monique 03:18
Monday 04:10
In Your Face 03:02
Sandy Robot 02:58
The Girl 03:56
Chasing Tail 02:52
Blue Jeans 03:11


Bar Band Heavy Rock Album;

" In Your Face "
Kenneth M. Sutton
April 5, 2016

When I stsrted writing the music for this album, I wasn't really looking to send a message or anything.
I just wanted to have a fun album that rocks, with some funny things in it.
All this kiss ass music we have out today, with singers pooring out their hearts about love and their only 21 is funny
as hell to me. with them jumping around onstage looking for their dick.
In fact they don't even write their music or lyrics at all, some clown with a broken heart wrote it and sent it in.
they don't even own the music or the song, but jumping around on stage and looking for your dick is the thing nowa day's.

I didn't want " One " thing fake in this album at all, I don't use " Autotune " and never will, I can sing and stay in tune, unlike some out there.
I lived out all of the songs I wrote about on this album, the song " Monique " is about a dancer I dated back in the 80's,
this girl always was running around on me, and the song " In Your Face " is about my day's hanging out in titty bars,
I kinda lived in them, me and all my friends would spend most of our days with strippers.
The girls would come to shows and hang with us and party all of the time, the bars loved it when we played their place.

This whole album is about " butt ", just check out the song " Chasing Tail ", and " Blue Jeans ".
the song " Monday " is also about tapping some tail, and the song " The Girl " it's about how a girl use's that to get what she wants.
but I do have a soft sided song on this album " Where You Belong ", it's blues style song about again " Sex " and tapping that butt!
But I gotta say the fun song I wrote " Sandy Robot ", ( a song about a guy buying a sex bot ) is funny as hell to me, because there are guy's who would do that stuff.

This album is just fun to me, and fun is what is need in music today!
what you hear is what you get on a SweetKenny album and on stage!
all these fake singers who sing to " YES KARAOKE " music on stage and call it their own
and say I'm saving my voice and everybody is doing it has gotta stop.
if you can't keep up little one then don't do it asshole...

" In Your Face "


released April 18, 2016

Buying this music Does Not give you a License to use in your Film/Video's/Games or any other forms of media. contact me for Licensing of these works.

All Works; Kenneth M. Sutton
WaterFall Records / SweetKenny Productions copyright 2016


all rights reserved



SweetKenny Dafter, Michigan

Kenneth M. Sutton aka “SweetKenny” is an American Composer / Songwriter
from Michigan.
you can find out more on SweetKenny at his website. www.sweetkenny.com

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